Monday, October 28, 2013

My girlfriend and I went to this fast-steak restaurant named “PEPPER LUNCH”. The foods are sooooo delicious!!! After we did our photoshoot, we immediately went to this restaurant because our tummies were already growling. I was the one who chose to eat in this place. The foods are not just delicious but you’ll also gonna enjoy sizzling it. Yes!!! We definitely enjoyed it! In fact, we loved the experience of preparing the dishes ourselves.
While we’re waiting for our order, “selfie-selfie muna” haha. She looks beautiful, isn’t she? :”)

My girlfriend, Icelle Claridad, took this photo because she knew that my tummy was already crying. haha!! LOL. I look famished in this photo that’s why she captured the moment.
Haha! Sorry for this! I always do this while waiting for the food. I am always amused whenever I take photos of our table number because of no reason at all. I guess this is a revelation to you guys that I also have a weird personality :D.
And voila!!!! Our food has finally arrived!! I ordered “Terriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg”. It only costs P235 and it was definitely worth the price, and worth the calories as well!! J You’ll feel the tenderness and juiciness of the beef. The best part of this food for me was the sauce which added more flavour to the meal.
While my girlfriend’s order was “Beef Pepper Rice” and I recommended this for her and I was glad since she also enjoyed her food. She always says  MMmmm Saraaapp!!!” every after that one big bite.
So this was our dinner date last Saturday that I mentioned in my last outfit post. Thanks for reading this and hope to see you sizzle with us again soon! Haha, Bye!


  1. Super cool
    Love it! Amazing style and pics


  2. very cool, u look great dude
    looklike u had loads of fun


  3. nice food #foodporn
    great post

    Greets, Jon!

  4. This dishes looks delicious!



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