Monday, October 14, 2013

A couple of months ago, I joined the TeeGram Contest of SM-Youth. We are all required to wear the Tee-Culture shirt from SM Department Store so we can post our entry. I went to SM Department Store before the contest and I chose this Tee-Culture Tank Top because for me it looks stylish and it has a cool design. And last September, they already announced the winners! I was just informed by my sister who called me during my class. She was speaking very loud as she was so excited and happy but I wasn't able to hear anything because of her voice haha!! But then she said that I was one of the winners in the contest! And I'm not expecting that at all because the other entries are all looking great and their outfits are all very well. Thank God for this super big opportunity! :). Thanks to SM-Youth! And thanks also to all who supported me! You can visit their page here.
Find my entry! haha. Its on the first row 5th picture :). I won 10 Tee-Culture shirts, Php 5,000 SM Men's Fashion GCs and a Limited Edition Tee Culture shirt. Yeahh!!!
Actually, This is not my actual outfit for the entry. I removed the pink & black shirt and I mixed it up with the aztec cap, accessories and denim shirt to look more stylish and grungy. So what do you think guys?
 What I'm wearing: denim shirt (Thrift Store), tank top (Tee-Culture), cap (Penshoppe), 
chukka boots (WADE)
Watch from SM Accessories.

 Photos by Icelle Claridad.

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  1. Nice outfit !
    Love your blog
    xx Julien